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WANEP - Ghana

WANEP-Ghana was born out of the Bawku Peace Initiative, which sought to address the growing concern for the escalating violence in the wake of several ethnic, and chieftaincy-related conflicts in parts of northern Ghana during the 1990s. The intended objective leading up to the formation of WANEP-Ghana was to provide a common platform and create an enabling environment for civil society organizations to collaborate their efforts toward peacebuilding in northern Ghana. In 2002, WANEP-Ghana was registered and incorporated under the corporate laws of Ghana as a peacebuilding non-governmental organization (NGO) and currently operates in all regions in Ghana through its regional chapters. WANEP-Ghana is one of 15 national offices of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) set up to form a regional network of WANEP. Currently, WANEP-Ghana operates in all regions of Ghana and conducts its operations/functions in collaboration with its member organizations across the country. WANEP-Ghana’s national secretariat is located in Tamale, in the Northern Region of Ghana.


Over the past few years, the primary focus of WANEP-Ghana has been on strengthening the capacity of various stakeholders, particularly at the community level to prevent violent conflicts. This is in line with the peacebuilding continuum logic of conflict prevention, conflict management, conflict resolution, and post-conflict reconstruction. WANEP-Ghan believes it is prudent to prevent conflict by addressing the root and proximity causes of conflict. WANEP-Ghana, therefore, placed emphasis on building and strengthening the civil society’s capacity to contribute effectively to the peacebuilding effort in Ghana through a partnership with the state, community groups, civil society, and other peace actors/stakeholders toward building a culture of peace.

Our Vision

desires to achieve

A Ghana characterized by just and peaceful coexistence among communities where dignity of the human person is paramount and where the people can meet their

Our Mission

The Assignment

To enable and facilitate the development of mechanisms for cooperation among civil society-based peacebuilding practitioners and organizations in Ghana by providing cooperative responses to violent


The Ambition

To build a sustainable peaceful coexistence amongst all the various sectors and groups in the Ghanaian communities; thereby creating an enabling environment for national growth

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